Why Vote for Jerry?

Let’s hear what both candidates have said.

Jerry Allen: Home schooling works well for many people, and for the rest, I support a strong educational system, and will actively work to promote safe classrooms, better pay for teachers, and…

Jerry’s opponent believes that children should all be home-schooled.

Which Oregon do you want?

Jerry Allen: I support accelerating the transition to green energy which will provide many new jobs here in rural Oregon, while significantly reducing pollution.

Robinson used to publish a pseudoscience newsletter in which he repeatedly made false claims that radioactive waste could be safely dispersed into our ocean, mixed into the foundations of our homes, and added to our drinking water.

Which Oregon do you want?

Jerry Allen: I know that Oregonians want affordable homes to raise our children in.

Robinson: “Tax the rich is just a political ploy, it doesn’t help the poor.”

Which Oregon do you want?