Jerry Allen for State Senate

Jerry Allen for Oregon Senate – About Me and Why I am Running

I am a farmer, a trauma coach, a health educator, an Illinois Valley Fire District Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) volunteer and a musician. My family and I live in Selma where we sustainably farm 10 acres, raise chickens, and grow fruits and vegetables with no pesticides. We believe raising healthy food is a critical component of emergency preparedness and it lifts our spirits to work in the garden and with our animals.

I’m running for the state senate because in this time of crisis we need competent, truthful, cooperative leaders in the legislature to:

Jerry Allen - A voice for rural Oregon

  • help rebuild the backbone of our economy, small business, which will create jobs for Oregonians across our state,
  • address the health and economic impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic,
  • work on affordable housing for our families and education for our children,
  • deepen our protection from wildfires,
  • support revitalizing agriculture and small farmers to feed our communities, and
  • support continuing to improve our educational system and create jobs for our kids.

Our legislature is not adequately addressing issues that matter most to us and our neighbors, including jobs, affordable housing, health care, funding public health, disaster preparedness, education and addressing the climate crisis, and I want to be your voice for these issues, and more, in southern Oregon.

Governmental Experience

In 2003, I was elected to the Sonoma County Employees Retirement System as a pension trustee. I served four terms, totaling nine years on that board, three as board chairman. This position allowed me to forge alliances with both Republicans and Democrats to do the people’s work, and manage a $1.8 billion dollar pension program.

Like most people, I’ve seen how our elected officials and our government bodies have disintegrated into a political cold war, failing to focus on joining together with bipartisan efforts to work on issues that matter to all Americans. It is time for our legislators to end this war, and work together. I have successfully worked across the aisle as a Pension Trustee, and I am committed to doing it now, to help unite our community, our state and our nation.